Sharon McNamara

Sharon McNamara

Broker | Owner | Founder

  • Cell: Cell | Text : 781-294-4848
  • Office: Office: 781-826-8000
  • Office Location: Connecting Boston To The South Shore

About Sharon McNamara

“Oddly, I don’t consider my career to be real estate. I consider my profession to be one of service and assisting people get to the next chapter of their lives. The vehicle that connects me with all these wonderful clients just happens to be real estate. Through this process of assisting home buyers and homes sellers, I have built some of the most amazing relationships with my clients. I am truly grateful for the continued confidence they have with me as their preferred Real Estate Sales & Marketing Consultant & Advisor. I never take their referrals of their family and friends to me for granted!” – Sharon McNamara see full bio here

Her Clients: As a professional full-time Real Estate Sales & Marketing Consultant and Broker|Owner & Founder of Boston Connect Real Estate, Sharon McNamara is dedicated and commitment to continually “Serving With Excellence”. Her greatest accolade is representing Home Buyers & Home Sellers throughout the entire process by offering them exceptional service, exemplary communication and a guiding approach to educating them on current market values and trends empowering her clients to make knowledgeable decisions throughout the home buying and/or home selling process.

Her Company: Over the past five years, Sharon has been thoroughly enjoying helping new agents and seasoned agents build their careers in real estate and is dedicated to sharing all her knowledge for the last fifteen years with them. She is committed to teaching them that family is first because without that strong foundation, a career in real estate is very difficult to manage. If you ask her, she will tell you that she doesn’t consider this “her” company. She truly considers it “our” company. She will tell you, “we all represent each other. BCRE has a strong reputation of professionalism and integrity. We built that image together!” She is most proud of how connected the agents are and how eager to assist each other in their businesses they are which helps everyone have the family time they need. Together, they have built one large team and family at Boston Connect Real Estate.

A word or two from Sharon regarding her role as a Realtor
“I enjoy being an advocate for my clients and being a part of the next chapter of their lives. Home ownership and altering living transitions are delicate processes and I am grateful and honored to be included in this personal journey with them. I consider the procedure of home buying and home selling a part of a growing relationship built on trust and integrity rather than “just a sale or transaction”. I am confident that my unique approach for caring for my clients and their real estate needs is what builds their confidence in me as a real estate consultant and why they eagerly refer me to their family, friends and neighbors. I am truly blessed and grateful to be surrounded by the most wonderful clients who I now consider friends.” – sharon mcnamara

A word or two from Sharon regarding her role as a Broker
“As the Broker & Owner of Boston Connect Real Estate, I am overwhelmed with the pure awesomeness of all our agents. I cannot think of any other term that would fit their character. They all work hard to build their reputation on the foundation of our core principles of professionalism, integrity, knowledge and community. Our office culture and foundation is built on continually Working With Excellence. What adheres us to be better for each other and our clients is built around our strong commitment to family – our real estate family at BCRE and our personal families. Watching all of us grow together has been one of the most excillerating experriences I have gone through in my life. We built this office and its core principles together and we are all dedicated and committed to keeping these values in the forefront of our minds as we assist each other and our clients on a day-to-day basis. To say I feel blessed for and grateful for this wonderful group of real estate professionals that I called my BCRE Family is putting it mildly!” – sharon mcnamara

Favorite Quote: When you give it out in slices, it comes back to you in loaves. – Unknown

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